What is VAT Rates Contact Number Helpline?

VAT Rates Contact Number Helpline is
0300 200 3700

Save this phone number and call for assistance

VAT Rates Opening Hours

Sunday: Closed. Monday: 8.00-18.00. Tuesday: 8.00-18.00. Wednesday: 8.00-18.00. Thursday: 8.00-18.00. Friday: 8.00-18.00. Saturday: Closed.

About VAT Rates

A value-added tax or VAT is imposed on most services and goods provided by registered businesses in the United Kingdom and some services and goods that are imported from outside the European Union. The default VAT rate in the UK is the standard rate of 20%, which increased from the 17.5% rate on the 4th of January, 2011. There are some things that are exempt or outside the scope of VAT, such as financial and property transactions, printing, postage stamps and publications. You can contact Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on VAT Rates contact number helpline for general enquiries.

How VAT Works

Businesses can only charge VAT on their goods and services if they are registered for VAT. VAT is charged on various things, including business sales or selling of goods and services, hiring or loaning of goods to someone, commission, business goods that are used for personal reasons, and more. VAT-registered businesses must report to HMRC the amount of VAT they have charged as well as the amount of VAT they have paid. If you are a VAT-registered business, you can do this through your VAT return, which is normally due every 3 months. If you have charged a higher amount of VAT than you have paid, you need to pay the difference to HMRC. If you have paid a higher amount of VAT than you have charged, then you can reclaim the difference from HMRC. You can call them on VAT Rates contact number helpline during their business hours if you have general questions or concerns.

Enquiries for VAT Rates Contact Number Helpline

Call VAT Rates contact number helpline on 0300 200 3700 for assistance with general VAT enquiries. Make sure to have your VAT registration number and postcode to hand when you call. If you are using a textphone, dial 0300 200 3719. If you are calling from outside the UK, the VAT Rates contact number helpline is +44 2920 501 261. The best time to call them is between 8am and 11am. If you need assistance in using or registering for VAT online services, get in touch with the VAT Online Services Helpdesk on 0300 200 3701.

VAT Rates Contact Number Helpline – Alternatives

There are other ways you can do to reach HM Revenue and Customs. Aside from calling the VAT Rates contact number helpline, you can send long enquiries or documents by post to:

HM Revenue and Customs – VAT Written Enquiries Team

Alexander House

21 Victoria Avenue


SS99 1BD

United Kingdom

Alternatively, you can make a VAT enquiry online using their email contact form to get a response more quickly than by post. If your enquiry is about VAT online services, you can send it through their online form or use webchat to reach VAT Online Services Helpdesk. Webchat is available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and Saturday, 8am to 4pm.


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