What is Travelodge Customer Service Number?

Travelodge Customer Service Number is:
08719 848484

Call customer service for help and assistance 24/7

Travelodge Opening Hours

Sunday: 00.00-23.59. Monday: 00.00-23.59. Tuesday: 00.00-23.59. Wednesday: 00.00-23.59. Thursday: 00.00-23.59. Friday: 00.00-23.59. Saturday: 00.00-23.59.

About Travelodge

Travelodge has been circuiting the UK’s independent hotel industry for over three decades. Its experience and expertise in providing quality accommodations across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain made it the largest business in the field. From its humble beginnings as the first value hotel brand, it has developed a huge following for its 500 hotels with as much as 37,000 guest rooms. Its clients are ably served by the Travelodge customer service, which was made available to handle every type of concern, from bookings to complaints and others. 

The Travelodge Advantage

Travelodge offers unbeatable value to its customers. That is why it is among the favourite hotel choice for those who seek great value to equate their hard earned money. Travelodge hotels are comfortably located in major city centres and popular holiday spots, where the action is. They also feature modernistic bedrooms, well-kept beds, and attractive amenities that could keep travellers comfortable whether they are for business or leisure stay. Just recently, a good number of Travelodge bedrooms were updated and upgraded to offer a high standard of luxury for good quality stays. 

How to Get in Touch with Travelodge Customer Service

Apart from the high quality hotel services, the Travelodge customer service is another advantage that makes people go for this choice. The customer support team is always ready and responsive. It can handle various types of concerns on any given day.

The easiest way to contact Travelodge customer service is through its contact number helpline 08719 848484. It is the common resort for customers who might need to book for a hotel reservation, amend or cancel an existing booking, and check the available Travelodge hotel in their destination choice. Call  to this hotline may charge 13p per minute on top of your phone company’s imposed access charge.

How to Use the Help Centre

The Travelodge website is easy to navigate and pretty useful to handle various customer concerns. If you wish to get in touch with the Travelodge customer service through its website instead of calling its hotline, all that you need to do is to register for an account at www.travelodge.co.uk. Upon logging in, you will gain access to the Help page where extensive information about bookings and other concerns may be found. You may also send an online inquiry using its secure contact form. Maintaining an account at the Travelodge website is also the most efficient way of managing your bookings and payments as well as leaving out comments and feedbacks about your recent hotel stay.

Other Ways to Connect with Travelodge Customer Service

There are other ways to get in touch with the Travelodge customer service aside from calling their hotline or logging into their website. For one, you may follow them through their social media accounts. Travelodge has an active network on Facebook (Travelodge UK) and Twitter (@TravelodgeUK). For more information, you may also subscribe to its YouTube channel Travelodge UK or check out its blog at www.travelodge.co.uk/blog.

You may also send your queries, comments, suggestions, and complaints via this address:

Customer Services

Travelodge Hotels Ltd

Sleepy Hollow

Aylesbury Road



OX9 3AT 


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