What is Swiftcover Phone Number

Swiftcover Phone Number:
0330 024 6394

Dial for customer assistance and save in your contacts

 Swiftcover Opening Hours

 Sunday: 10:00-16.00. Monday: 08:00-20.00. Tuesday: 08:00-20.00. Wednesday: 08:00-20.00. Thursday: 08:00-20.00. Friday: 08:00-20.00. Saturday: 09:00-17.00.

About Swiftcover

Swiftcover is an online insurance company that offers policies for cars and homes in the UK since 2005. They first started out as a car insurance company, until they decided to expand their business to cover other policies. Swiftcover gained its popularity as the first insurance company in the country that gave its customers the privilege of printing their own car insurance policy certificates. Apart from that, they are also well known for handling all of their transaction online to keep up with the demand of their customers in the UK. For more information about their policies and online processing, call the Swiftcover Phone Number.

Services Offered by Swiftcover

Swiftcover offers car and home insurance policies. If you are interested in getting a car policy, you can choose from the comprehensive and third party, fire & theft policy.  For customer interested in the home insurance, you can choose between Swift Made and Swift More. In addition to these two policies, they also offer van and breakdown insurance. To understand better how the company processes your insurance policies and what the different policy levels can cover, feel free to contact the Swiftcover Phone Number 0330 024 6394.

Alternative Numbers You Can Call In Place of the Swiftcover Phone Number

The Swiftcover Phone Number 0330 024 6394 can be used to ask assistance from the Swiftcover Customer Service team for car insurance. They can answer your general queries regarding the different products and services of the company. You can call the same Swiftcover Phone Number if you want to inquire about your current car insurance policies. You use this number to ask about the car policy summary, make changes in your personal details, file complaints and cancel your policy. For home insurance customers, you should call 0330 024 6423 if you wish to submit any inquiries or complaints. You can also use the same hotline if you want to cancel your home insurance policy.

In addition to the main Swiftcover Phone Number for car insurance and home insurance, there are also other numbers that you can use to reach out to the company for specific concerns. If you want to make a no-claims discount queries use 0330 024 6408. For general queries about car insurance claims, call 0371 984 3333 if you are in the UK or +44 1892 500169 if you are calling from abroad. For home insurance general claims queries, use the number 0330 024 8092.   If you have any finance and payments issues, call 0330 024 6409 for car insurance policy holders or 0330 024 6427 for home insurance customers.

Ways to Contact the Company Other than the Swiftcover Phone Number

If you don’t have any means to call the Swiftcover Phone Number, you may still be able to submit your queries, complaints or concerns through their email help@swiftcover.com. In addition to your comments and suggestions about their different products, you may also send your feedback about their website, customer service and other related concern via this contact email. If you wish to submit any complaints, you should send your letters to complaints@swiftcover.com instead. 


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