What is Student Finance Customer Service Number?

Student Finance Customer Service Number is:
0300 100 0607

Save this phone number and call for assistance

Student Finance Opening Hours

Sunday: 9.00-16.00. Monday: 8.00-20.00. Tuesday: 8.00-20.00. Wednesday: 8.00-20.00. Thursday: 8.00-20.00. Friday: 8.00-20.00. Saturday: 9.00-16.00

About Student Finance

Student Finance is responsible for students who are looking to borrow money to pay for university or college tuition fees in the United Kingdom. You might get extra funds on top of it depending on your circumstances, for instance if you are disabled, are on a low income, or have children. You will start repaying for your loan once you earn more than a certain amount. The amount of your monthly repayments will be based on how much you earn, not on what you owe. Interest will start accruing from the day you take out the loan. Student Finance customer service can be contacted 7 days a week for your questions or concerns.

Applying for Student Finance

There are different ways to apply for Student Finance depending on your situation. If you are a new student from England, whether you are a full-time or part-time student, you can apply by setting up a student finance online account and completing the online application. You are a continuing student if you got finance last year. Continuing students can log into their student finance account to apply online.

New EU students can apply by downloading an application pack, while continuing EU students will be sent the application forms. There is a different process if you started before September 1, 2012, as well as if you are a student from Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Call Student Finance customer service during their business hours if you have questions related to these processes.

Different Ways to Get in Touch with Student Finance Customer Service

Call Student Finance customer service on 0300 100 0607 for general enquiries. If you are using a textphone, dial 0300 100 0622 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Alternatively, you can write to Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington DL1 9HJ. Parents and partners should have the student’s authorization in order to get information from Student Finance England. The student can provide permission during their application or at a later date.

EU students can contact the Student Finance Services Non UK Team on 0141 243 3570. From outside the UK, the number to call is +44 1412 433 570. Their lines are open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm. You can also write to them at Student Finance Services Non UK Team, Student Finance England, PO Box 89, Darlington DL1 9AZ.

For postgraduate loan, call Student Finance customer service on 0300 100 0031 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. For advanced learner loan, dial 0300 100 0619, or write to Advanced Learner Loan, PO Box 302, Darlington DL1 9NQ.

Student Finance Customer Service for Complaints and Appeals

If you have a complaint, call the Student Loans Company on 0300 100 0601, or email them at customer_complaints@slc.co.uk. If you wish to make an appeal to Student Finance England requesting for them to review a decision about your eligibility to get financial support, you have to download and complete the application form found on their web page. Submit the completed form to Student Finance England by email at formal_appeals@slc.co.uk, or by post to the Student Finance customer service address below:

Formal Appeals

Student Finance England

Memphis Building

Lingfield Point

PO Box 226

Darlington DL1 9GA


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