What is Santander UK Customer Service Number?

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Santander UK Customer Service Number is:
0800 9 123 123

Save this number under “Santander”

 Santander UK Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-21.00. Monday: 7.00-23.00. Tuesday: 7.00-23.00. Wednesday: 7.00-23.00.Thursday: 7.00-23.00. Friday: 7.00-23.00. Saturday: 7.00-23.00.

(Opening hours is for savings, credit card, and current account management only. Other departments operate 24/7 or have different opening hours.)

Santander Group Information

The Santander Group is one of the pioneering names in banking and education. With its roots originating in Spain in 1856, the Santander Group has been able to establish a global presence in Europe, United States, and Latin America. Santander has local banks in 15 different countries and more than a dozen higher education institutions across the globe. Santander has over 117 million customers, 3.2 million shareholders, and 185,000 employees worldwide.

Because of it’s student-friendly financial programs, Santander has supported more than 12 million students and teachers through loans and other means including 1151 cooperation agreements with 21 universities in different countries. Santander has contributed more than 146 million Euros to education. Santander UK is part of the Santander Group.

Santander UK Customer Service

With 800 branches across the country, Santander UK makes sure that customers like  you can easily get in touch personally. You can also speak to a Santander UK Customer Service expert or express your concerns or queries through other ways. If you would like to make a call, there are various numbers listed on their contact page depending on your concern. For your easy reference, you can skim through the important numbers below:

Manage Account – If you would like to manage your savings account, current account, online banking or credit card through phone, you can call  0800 9 123 123. This number is available for automated phone service 24/7, and you can speak to a Santander UK Customer Service representative

Lost or Stolen Cards – If you lost a card or it got stolen, it is important that you contact Santander UK Customer Service immediately to ensure account safety and protection. For cases like these, call the following numbers urgently. They are available 24/7.

  • For debit and cash cards, call 0800 9 123 123 or +44 1908 237 963 if you are calling outside UK.
  • For credit cards, call 0800 9 123 123 or +44 1512 648 725 if you are calling outside UK.

Fraud Cases  – If you have been a victim of a fraudulent activity involving your bank account, it is important that you inform Santander UK customer service promptly. The following numbers are available 24/7. If your report is about credit card fraud, immediately call 0800 9 123 123 or +44 1512 648 725 if you are calling from outside the UK. To report other fraudulent activities,  call 0800 9 123 123 or +44 1908 237 963 if you are calling from outside UK.

Santander UK Customer Service Complaints

If you would like to express a complaint with a service you’ve had with the bank, you can contact Santander UK Customer Service through various channels.

By Phone

The bank recommends this as the best way to express a complaint as most cases are resolved by phone. If you would like to make a call, dial 0800 171 2171. Opening hours are from Mondays to Fridays, 8.00-20.00 and Saturdays, 9.00-16.00.


You can send your complaint through your online account. If you do not have an online account, you can register online or call 08459 724 724 for assistance.

In Writing

You can also write a letter of complaint and send it to the address below. Please make sure to write your experience in detail and state how you wished to be contacted and when.

Complaints Santander UK PLC PO Box 1125 Bradford BD1 9PG


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