Orange Customer Service Number is:
07973 100 150

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Orange Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-20.00. Monday: 8.00-22.00. Tuesday: 8.00-22.00. Wednesday: 8.00-22.00. Thursday: 8.00-22.00. Friday: 8.00-22.00. Saturday: 8.00-20.00

About Orange

Orange has merged with T-Mobile UK, which produced EE. Mobile and broadband network is still provided to old customers, while new ones may now apply for the EE service. They are the very first company to offer 4G network in the UK that ensures speedy connection to customers. The company is dedicated in providing the best service and network to all their clients when it comes to their digital usage.

Services Offered by Orange

Orange offers pay as you go and pay monthly service to customers. Those who are on pay as you go or prepaid account may top up using various options including using their credit or debit cards or a voucher. Those who are on pay monthly services need to pay their bills every month. They have a monthly allowance that they could use for the month that’s included in their fixed monthly rate. Usage over the given allowance would have additional charges. It also offers services to small businesses. Its broadband and TV services were also renamed to EE TV and home broadband. If you have any questions or concerns about Orange, you could contact Orange customer service during their business hours.

Different Numbers to Reach Orange Customer Service

There are different numbers to call in order to reach Orange customer service. The best number to dial depends on your account type and the phone you are using to call. If you are using an Orange mobile and you’re a pay as you go user, dial 450 on your device to reach Orange support. There’s a charge of 25p for each call. If you’re a small business customer, call 345. If you’re a home broadband, EE TV, SIM only, mobile broadband or pay monthly user, dial 150. These numbers are free to call during standard operating hours.

If you’re using an EE landline to call and you’re a SIM only or pay monthly customer, dial 07973 100 150. Small business clients may dial 07973 100 345, while mobile broadband users may call 0845 412 3662. If you’re a home broadband or EE TV users, the Orange customer service number to dial is 0800 079 8586, which is free all the time. Pay as you go customers could get help by dialing 07973 100 450.

Those who are outside UK may still reach Orange customer service by calling +44 (0) 7973 100 450 for pay as you go customers and +44 (0) 7973 100 150 for SIM only and pay monthly customers. If you’re a small business client, dial +44 (0) 7973 100 345 or +44 (0) 207 362 0200 for EE TV and home broadband customers.

Other Ways to Connect with Orange Customer Service

Aside from the Orange customer service numbers provided above, there are other ways on how you can connect with Orange support and get assistance with your questions or concerns. Mobile customers may write to them at the address below:

EE Customer Services

6 Camberwell Way


Tyne and Wear


United Kingdom

If you’re a broadband user, send the letter to thesame adress

You may also visit an EE store near your area that could help you with your Orange concerns. Use the store locator to find one around you.


T-Mobile Phone Number is:
08454 125 000

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T-Mobile Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-20.00. Monday: 8.00-22.00. Tuesday: 8.00-22.00. Wednesday: 8.00-22.00. Thursday: 8.00-22.00. Friday: 8.00-22.00. Saturday: 8.00-20.00

T-Mobile UK Account

T-Mobile, along with Orange, is now a part of EE Mobile. With the combined services of UK’s three biggest networks, customers of T-Mobile will not only benefit from the wider and better network coverage but also better customer service assistance. For T-Mobile customers, you can now register and log in to through the EE mobile website. If you do not have an account yet, you can register online with just a few clicks. Just prepare your T-Mobile phone number and personal information to complete the process. Once you complete your registration, you can log in to your T-Mobile account.

T-Mobile Phone Number Service

To get in touch with T-Mobile, simply dial 150 through your T-Mobile phone. This service is free for pay monthly customers who call within the opening hours and 25p for pay as you go customers. If you wish to call through a landline, from abroad, or through a different phone, the T-Mobile phone number to call is 07953 966 150. Roaming charges apply for calls made from abroad. If you are using an EE landline, the number to call is 08454 125 000.

If you would like to join EE, Orange, or T-Mobile, call 0800 956 6000. If you are a business with up to 50 employees, call 0800 956 6100. If you are a business with more than 50 employees, call: 0800 079 0888. All calls made through landline, EE, Orange, and T-Mobile are free of charge.

T-Mobile Customer Assistance

Aside from the T-Mobile phone number, the company can further assist you with your concerns through other ways. Because T-Mobile is now under EE Mobile, you can write a letter to EE customer service. Just indicate your name, address, T-Mobile, EE or Orange phone number and how you wish to be contacted by customer service. The address to send to is:

EE Customer Services

6 Camberwell Way


Tyne and Wear


United Kingdom

You can also visit any of the 520 EE stores across the United Kingdom. To locate a store near you, use the store finder. The store finder lists all EE stores based on a place or postcode and include the store hours, directions, and store phone number.

T-Mobile Phone Number Help

The T-Mobile phone number is mainly used for call-based concerns or enquiries. But you can also text 150 if you wish to check out some solutions on your own. Using the handy text codes guide, you can check your balance, allowances, invoices, payments, and other help options. You can also browse the help index on their website. Topics are sorted in six categories:

  • Getting Started
  • Accounts, Billing and Top Up
  • Phones and Devices
  • EE TV and Broadband
  • Price Plans and Add-Ons
  • Safety and Security

A lot of T-Mobile concerns are addressed in the help index, so check it out to find the answers and solutions to common questions or concerns. You can also use the search bar to locate a specific topic you would like to know more about.

Customers can also join the EE online community to get more information and support from other EE, T-Mobile, and Orange mobile users.


HSBC Customer Service Number is:
03457 404 404

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HSBC Opening Hours

 Sunday: 8.00-22.00. Monday: 8.00-22.00. Tuesday: 8.00-22.00. Wednesday: 8.00-22.00. Thursday: 8.00-22.00. Friday: 8.00-22.00. Saturday: 8.00-22.00.

HSBC Information

The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) started operations in 1865 with the goal of connecting and growing businesses between Europe and Asia. Today, HSBC has become an international organisation providing retail, commercial, global, and private banking services to more than 48 million customers around the world. HSBC has more than 6,000 offices in 72 countries spread out across 6 continents. The HSBC headquarters is based in London with stocks in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda.

HSBC Customer Service Numbers

With a diverse portfolio of products and services, HSBC aspires to provide expert advice and customer support no matter where you are in the world. The HSBC website has a comprehensive online phonebook that lists departments alphabetically.  But for your convenience, you can find some HSBC Customer Service numbers below for the most common banking services and concerns.

General Enquiry – For questions and general enquiries on HSBC products and services, the number to call is  03457 404 404. If you are calling from abroad, dial +44 1226 261 010. These numbers are available for HSBC customers only. If you don’t own an account with HSBC, you may call 03456 040 626. Opening hours are from Mondays to Sundays, 8.00 to 22.00.

Lost/Stolen Cards – If you lost your HSBC Card or it was stolen, report this immediately for your own security. Support agents are ready to assist you 24/7 through the following HSBC Customer Service numbers: 03456 007 010 or +44 1442 422 929 if calling from abroad.

If you would like to report a stolen or lost HSBC online card, call 0800 0151 924 and +44 121 214 5649 if calling from abroad.

Online/Internet Banking Help – If you need assistance with your online account or in completing and online transaction, call 0345 600 2290 or  +44 1226 261 226 if calling from abroad. For business accounts, call 0345 602 2014 or +44 1792 496 941 from abroad.

Accessibility Numbers – For customers with speech or hearing impairment, you can call through textphone via 03457 125 563 or +44 207 088 2077 from abroad. This service is available for most phone transactions and services.

Credit Card – For HSBC Personal Credit Card enquiries, you may call 03457 404 404 (for HSBC account owners) and 03456 040 626 (for clients with no HSBC account.) If you are calling from abroad, dial +44 1226 261 010.

*Note that some service numbers may not available on holidays like Christmas Day (December 25), Boxing Day (December 26), and New Year’s Day (January 1).

HSBC Customer Service Feedback

HSBC takes customer complaints and feedback seriously. If you’ve had an unpleasant experience with any of HSBC’s banking services, you can express them to the HSBC Customer Service team through the following ways:

Visit a branch – If you would like to express your complaint personally to a bank officer, you can use the branch finder and locate an HSBC branch near you.

Make a call – If you wish to express your complaint through phone, you may contact the following numbers below:

For customers with personal bank accounts

Local Number International Number
03457 404404 +44 1226 261 010

For customers with Premier bank accounts

Local Number International Number
03457 707070 +44 1226 260260

For business customers

Local Number International Number
03457 606060 +44 1226 260878

For customers with no HSBC account

Local Number International Number
03456 040626 +44 1226 261010

For customers with hearing or speech impairment, call  03457 125563 through textphone. If you are calling through mobile, dial the number 03455 871244. 

Send a letter – You may also opt to write your complaint to HSBC Customer Service through an online form. Just provide your complete name, address, contact details, and reason for complaint. You may also email or send a letter through post mail at this address:

Customer Care Team

HSBC Bank Plc

PO Box 6125




British Telecom Customer Service Number is
0800 800 150

Save this number and call for help

British Telecom Opening Hours

Sunday: 9.00-18.00. Monday: 8.00-20.00. Tuesday: 8.00-20.00. Wednesday: 8.00-20.00. Thursday: 8.00-20.00. Friday: 8.00-20.00. Saturday: 9.00-18.00.

British Telecom Services

Tracing its roots to the Electric Telegraph Company in 1846, British Telecom is considered to be the oldest telecommunications company in the world. With more than a century of existence, British Telecom or BT has expanded from United Kingdom and Ireland, to the rest of the world. Today, BT serves a comprehensive array of services for homes and businesses including broadband Internet, television, phone, sport, and mobile.

British Telecom is present in 170 countries run by 18,000 employees around the world in over 200 offices. In the UK and Ireland, more than 200,000 employees work for BT, accounting for one percent of the country’s workforce. Not only do they serve the best line of products, they also run a competent and dedicated British Telecom customer service centre.

British Telecom Customer Service Contact Numbers

British Telecom stays connected to their customers through various ways and options. The general British Telecom Customer Service contact number to call is 0800 800 150 through a non BT phone or landline. Lines are open from 8.00 to 20.00 Mondays to Fridays and 9.00 to 18.00 Saturdays and Sundays. BT mobile and phone users can call 150 instead.

BT business customers are invited to call 0800 800 152 from non BT phones and 152 from BT phones and mobile.

For specific concerns and enquiries on BT products, you may refer to the British Telecom customer service numbers below:

For live customer assistance for BT TV, Mobile, Phone, and Broadband:

Through landline, call 0800 800 150

Through mobile, call 0330 1234 150

For live customer assistance on paying your BT bill or checking your balance:

Through landline, call 0800 085 2819

Through mobile, call 0330 1234 150

For 24/7 self-service and automated phone service:

Through landline, call 0800 443311

Through mobile, call 0330 123 3311

For24/7 self-service and automated phone service on paying your BT bill or checking your balance:

Through landline, call 0800 085 2819

Through mobile, call 0330 123 3311

Customers calling from abroad are asked to call through this number: +44 179 359 6931

Customers can also call the BT headquarters for  general enquiries through 020 7356 5000.

British Telecom Customer Service Options

Aside from the phone numbers listed above, customers may also connect to a British Telecom Customer Service expert through the following ways:


Visit the BT help page, customers are offered the option to chat online. Just click on the chat icon found within the topics. Chat lines are open from 8.00 to 21.00 from Monday to Friday, and 8.00 to 20.00 Saturdays and Sundays.


You can also join the community forum to get tips and ideas from fellow BT customers. All you have to do is register for an online account. You may use your Facebook account to register.

Postal Mail.

Customers may also write to British Telecom and send to the following addresses:

For home customers, send y our letter to:

BT Correspondence Centre

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

For business customers, send your letter to:

BT Business Accounts

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

For corporate concerns and enquiries, letters are requested to be sent to this address:

BT Group PLC

BT Centre

81 Newgate Street

London EC1A 7AJ


AOL UK Customer Service Number is:
0808 234 9279

AOL UK Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-24.00. Monday: 8.00-24.00. Tuesday: 8.00-24.00. Wednesday: 8.00-24.00. Thursday: 8.00-24.00. Friday: 8.00-24.00. Saturday: 8.00-24.00.

AOL UK Brands

What started out as a small website in the 90’s is now one of the biggest online content providers on the Internet. Formerly America Online (AOL), it has now expanded to more than 22 markets worldwide garnering over 700 million unique viewers. Part of this global move is AOL UK, which carries the following renowned websites including: The Huffington Post, Engadget, and TechCrunch. AOL also provides additional content and services through the AOL UK website, AOL Mail, AOL Travel, AOL Cars, and AOL Money. AOL envisions the marriage of premium content and innovative technology of which they dub as “Culture and Code.”

AOL UK Customer Service Numbers

AOL acknowledges the importance of assisting their customers across various AOL platforms. For customers who would like to talk over the phone, the AOL UK Customer Service number to call is 0808 234 9279. Customer representatives are ready to take your call from 8.00 to 24.00 Mondays to Sundays.

For phone assistance with regards to your AOL Mail account, call 0808 234 9279.

For phone assistance with McAfee, System Mechanic, and AOL Computer Checkup, call 0808 234 9279.

If you have a story to share or would like to get in touch with a journalist, you can call the AOL UK Press Office at 0207 492 1000.

Write to AOL UK Customer Service

Customers can also contact AOL UK customer service via email. Depending on your enquiry, issue or concern, you can send an email to the following:

For email support:

To contact AOL UK Press:

To report offensive behavior made by other AOL members:

For advertising enquiries:

Customers may also opt to write via postal mail and send to this AOL UK address:

Shropshire House

11-20 Capper Street



United Kingdom

AOL UK Customer Service Complaints

AOL takes their content seriously. Online readers are invited to send in complaints if they see or read anything offensive or improper in the content presented by any of the AOL UK brands. All you have to do is fill up this AOL UK Customer Service online form.

To complete the form, you will be asked to:

  • Provide personal information including name, address, phone, and email
  • Provide information on the article being complained about including the URL
  • Tick the items that violate the Editor’s Code of Practice
  • Attach supporting documents if any

Alternatively, if you would like to report unlawful content, you can resort to the following options:

  • Fill up an online form of which you will be asked to provide information and details of what you wish to report. You can identify your complaint as: trademark infringement, copyright infringement, defamation, or others.
  • Send an email to
  • Send your report through postal mail through the following address:

AOL Legal Team

AOL (UK) Ltd

Shropshire House

11-20 Capper Street



AOL UK also encourages customers and readers to forward illegal content to the Internet Watch Foundation and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre for illegal activities involving children.


BT Sport Contact Number Helpline is:
0800 111 4567

Save this number lad

 BT Sport Opening Hours

Available 24/7 Sunday to Monday

About BT Sport

BT is a top provider of communications products and services around the world. It has operations in over 170 countries including the United Kingdom. It offers various services including TV, broadband, phone, sport and mobile. BT is dedicated in providing assistance to their customers. If you have any questions or concerns with their products and services, you may call the BT Sport Contact Number helpline. There are also other ways that would let you get the answer or assistance that you need including self-help articles and chat option.

BT Products and Services

BT offers various products and services such as mobile, broadband, TV, sport and phone. You can get BT Sport for as low as £19.99 per month and enjoy various sports TV channels and shows. This is a great product for sports fanatics. You may also apply for BT Broadband and enjoy BT sport for free for three months. It comes for free with BT TV so if you wish to have both, then you could take advantage of this offer. Some of the great benefits of having BT Sport are being able to watch UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League live.

Call BT Sport Contact Number Helpline

BT has a team of experts ready to assist you or answer your questions with BT Sport. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can call anytime you need their service. If calling from a landline, the BT Sport contact number helpline to dial is 0800 111 4567. In case you’re using a mobile phone, the number to call is 0330 123 4567*. If you are calling from another country, dial the BT Sport Contact Number Helpline +44 179 359 6931**.

BT Sport Contact Number Helpline Alternatives

Aside from dialing the appropriate BT Sport Contact Number Helpline, there are other ways on how you can get help or find the answers you need regarding BT Sport. One of the options is doing it online. You may go to this login page and sign in with your BT ID and password for the online diagnosis and solution of your problem. Another one is by reading the articles on the help and support page. Under ‘choose a help topic”, browse on the available topics and click on the one that corresponds to your concern. You will find the information about that specific subject, including steps on how to fix basic problems. If you prefer to talk to a representative, another option aside from calling the BT Sport Contact Number Helpline is through live chat. Go to the contact page and click the “chat with us online” link. You will be taken to another page where you will be asked to enter your name, email address, telephone number and question. They are available daily from 7.00 to 22.45


BT Sport Phone Number is:
0800 800 150

 BT Sport Opening Hours

 Sunday: 9.00-17.00. Monday: 8.00-20.00. Tuesday: 8.00-20.00. Wednesday: 8.00-20.00. Thursday: 8.00-20.00. Friday: 8.00-20.00. Saturday: 9.00-17.00.

BT Sport Information

For sports enthusiasts and avid fans across the UK and Europe, BT Sport is the choice for catching up with the latest sports updates and games. It is now the new home of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League for the next three years. With BT Sport, you can watch a variety of sports including football, rugby, motorsports, tennis, MMA, baseball, and basketball. It carries four prime channels in covering the latest competitions and games both in standard and HD: BT Sport Europe, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, and BT Sport ESPN. Customers across the UK and Ireland will not only exclusive coverage of the UEFA but also other games like UFC, NBA, and the Aviva Rugby Premiership among many others.

BT Sport is a product of BT Group PLC, which also provides other communications services including Broadband, TV, Phone, and Mobile. BT is the oldest communications company in the world now serving in 170 countries with 200 offices worldwide. In United Kingdom and Ireland, BT has more than 200,000 employees.

To know more, call the BT Sport Phone Number at 0800 800 150.

BT Sport Phone Number for Enquiries

BT sport offers a wide range of sports channels and programs that cater to different interests. On top of that BT carries the complete coverage of the UEFA Championships League and the UEFA Europa League. If you are interested to avail of the BT Sport Pack or to gather more information, the BT Sport Phone Number to call is 0800 800 150 from any landline. If you are calling from mobile, the number is 0330 1234 150. For calls made abroad, please call +44 179 359 6931. (Fees may apply to calls made.)

BT Sport Phone Number Assistance

BT Sport has several options to assist customers with their needs or concerns. There are different numbers to call depending on your complaint or concern. Related BT Sport Phone Numbers are listed below:

From your landline, call 0800 800 150 for the following BT Sport services to:

  • Track, cancel or seek additional help with your BT Sport order
  • Set an appointment with a BT TV Engineer
  • Raise a concern with your BT Sport bill
  • Know the latest BT Sport offers and prices

From your landline, call BT Sport Phone Number 0800 100 400 for the following services to:

  • Place or change a BT Sport order
  • Switch to BT Sport
  • Request for assistance when moving out

All of the services mentioned above are also applicable for mobile. Just call 0330 1234 150.

If you are calling from abroad, the number to dial is +44 179 359 6931.

BT Sport Phone Number for Complaints

BT takes their clients seriously and respectfully when it comes to complaints. If you are encountering problems with your BT Sport pack, you can use the online help directory to troubleshoot on your own. If the problem persists, you can call 0800 111 4567. From mobile, call 0330 123 4567. For international calls, use the number +44 179 359 6931. You can also chat online with a customer service expert everyday from 7.00 to 22.45.

For general or programme specific complaints on BT Sport, call 0800 800 150.

You can also send an email or write a letter to the following address:

BT Correspondence Centre

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

Indicate your phone number, account number, and address. They often reply within 10 days.


Vodafone Phone Number is:
03333 040 191

 Vodafone Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-21.00. Monday: 8.00-21.00. Tuesday: 8.00-21.00. Wednesday: 8.00-21.00. Thursday: 8.00-21.00. Friday: 8.00-21.00. Saturday: 8.00-21.00

Vodafone Overview

Vodafone is one of the most trusted mobile communications providers around the world. It has over 19.5 million users all over UK and around 444 million in different countries around the globe. It’s focused in continuously innovating for better technology and to provide the topnotch customer service. It provides ultrafast 4G network, ensuring that users are connected with stability and speed on the web through their mobile device. The company has received several awards with its outstanding service including the National Retailer of the Year award and Best Network. Vodafone has a team of experts who are happy to provide assistance to your problems and answers to your questions. Dial the right Vodafone phone number to reach them and get the help you need.

Vodafone Phone Number for Customer Service

Vodafone customer service is available from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday. If you’re using your Vodafone mobile phone to call, the number to dial is 191. Pay & go customers would be charged 25p per call, but it’s free for pay monthly users. If you’re around UK but you’re using a mobile or landline provided by another network, you may call the Vodafone phone number 03333 040 191. Note that standard UK charges apply for this call. In case you’re calling from outside the country, the number to dial is +44 7836 191 191, which has international standard charges. If you’re not yet a Vodafone customer and you wish to join in and get their service, dial Vodafone phone number 08080 408 408 to reach a representative.

Other Ways to Reach Customer Support Aside from Calling Vodafone Phone Number

Vodafone also offers others ways for you to have your questions or concerns answered aside from calling Vodafone phone number for customer service. Browse the knowledgebase and commonly asked questions on the help and support page to get the answers or information you need. If you wish to connect with live chat, go to this link and click the live chat option. You may also explore the community area or ask your questions. Another option is to visit a Vodafone store around your area. The staff there would be able to assist you with your needs, queries or concerns. To find a Vodafone near you, you may use the store finder. Enter your location on the appropriate field and click find store to get the result. If you’ve tried all of these options and you’re still not happy with the result, you may forward your complaints or concerns to the following address:

Customer Relations Manager

Vodafone Limited

The Connection



RG14 2FN

Vodafone Accessibility Service

Vodafone wants to make their service accessible to everyone. Customers with limited mobility, vision issues or hearing and speaking difficulties may dial Vodafone phone number 0333 304 3222 for technical assistance and their team will do their best to have the issue fixed as soon as possible. They could also help you have your information customized like having audio or larger prints for your bills and contracts.


Netflix Contact Number Helpline is:
0800 096 6379

Get in touch with Netflix Contact Number Helpline in the UK

 Netflix Opening Hours

 Sunday: 00:00-23:59. Monday: 00:00-23:59. Tuesday: 00:00-23:59. Wednesday: 00:00-23:59. Thursday: 00:00-23:59. Friday: 00:00-23:59. Saturday: 00:00-23:59.

Media Streaming at its Finest via Netflix

Netflix is a US-based media streaming service that is popular worldwide, including UK. Its 60 million subscribers in over 40 countries across the globe can attest to that. The company gained popularity among UK-based subscribers when it became the only option for Breaking Bad fans to watch its final series. That was followed through by offering original content like House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Orange is the New Black. It also helps a lot that the service can be enjoyed by people across different devices, from TVs to laptops to tablets and even mobile phones.

For customers in the UK who are ready to experience the difference of an amazing media streaming service, a Netflix contact number helpline is made available to offer quality assistance. Their Freephone hotlines are 0800 096 6379 and 0843 504 7377.

Get in Touch with Netflix Contact Number Helpline

For Netflix subscribers, concerns may arise at any given time. That is why the company made sure that help is available 24/7. The Netflix contact number helpline provides assistance for various needs, including those that involve learning more about Netflix, managing accounts, watching Netflix, and resolving issues.

There are also quick links that provide easy access to customer service, account management, account information update, payment, and Transaction History.

Other Alternatives to Netflix Contact Number Helpline

Although giving the Netflix contact number helpline a ring is ideal for immediate customer assistance, it is not the only way to reach customer support. Other alternatives include sending your concern by mail or through the app and using the Netflix chat service.

By mail.

Use the company’s main address: Netflix, Inc. 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032, USA.

By connecting via Netflix app.

All you need to do to be able to contact Netflix this way is to download the app on your device either through Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

By Netflix chat.

First, go to the Netflix help page by clicking this link. At the bottom of the page, click Start Live Chat. Waiting time to receive a response is less than a minute.

Netflix Customer Support via Social Media

Netflix is also active in the social media arena. Thus, you can reach customer support through the company’s social media accounts in both Facebook and Twitter as an alternate to calling Netflix contact number helpline.


Like the official Netflix page so you can post comments to the regular updates in the Facebook Newsfeed. While it is not possible to exchange private messages through the page, you can get responses for your relevant concerns immediately. This is more for casual queries than serious troubleshooting issues. For the latter, refer to either the helpline or the live chat option.


For general support, you may use the handle @Netflixhelps. An expert support staff from the company is available to address concerns daily, from 6am to 9pm PST. For UK-specific concerns, use

For general support, you may use the handle @Netflixhelps. An expert support staff from the company is available to address concerns daily, from 6am to 9pm PST. For UK-specific concerns, use @NetflixUK Twitter handle.


Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline is:
0345 454 1111

Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-24.00. Monday:  8.00-24.00. Tuesday:  8.00-24.00. Wednesday:  8.00-24.00. Thursday:  8.00-24.00. Friday:  8.00-24.00. Saturday: 8.00-24.00

Virgin Media Services

When it comes to UK entertainment, no other business makes it hip and cool like Virgin. Starting as a record label by Sir Richard Branson in the 80’s, Virgin has expanded to other ventures including multimedia services brought to you by Virgin Media. The company offers an array of products and services including Broadband, Phone, Mobile and TV. It has recently partnered with Liberty Global, an international cable company serving more than 24 million customers in over 10 countries.

For cable TV services, there is Virgin Media TV that carries more than 200 channels and 34 HD channels. Subscribers can enjoy the hottest channels and most exciting programs from different content producers like Sky and BBC. It also offers more control on your entertainment with Virgin Media TiVo where you can record up to 500 hours of standard TV and approximately 100 hours of HD TV programmes in a 1TB TiVo box. You also watch your favorite cable programs even if you’re not at home with Virgin TV Anywhere. Access your favorite programs through your laptop, PC, or even with your Apple devices.

If you would like to join, the Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline is 0800 064 3839.

Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline

Virgin Media TV offers customer assistance for various concerns including but not limited to the following: TiVo, TV Anywhere, TV service loss, freezing pictures, missing channels, TV package change, rescheduling appointments with TV engineers. To get in touch with a customer service assistant, the Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline to call from any phone is 0345 454 1111. (Call costs apply.) You can also dial 150 from your Virgin Media mobile or phone for free. Phone lines are open from 8.00 to 24.00 seven days a week.

Aside from the Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline above, you can also go through the self service option online by visiting the Virgin Media help site. It covers all the common issues and problems encountered by customers and offers easy step-by-step solutions.

For tips and support from other customers, users may opt to join the Virgin Media Community. By signing up, you get free access to more than a million posts on different Virgin Media topics from more than 300,000 online members.

Chat service is also available from Mondays to Saturdays from 9.00 to 22.00.

Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline for Movers

If you would like to request for assistance in helping move your Virgin Media devices to your new residence, you can follow the steps in the Virgin Media Movers site. You can also call 0345 454 1097 (press 5) from any phone for further assistance or 150 from your Virgin mobile or phone.

Virgin Media TV Contact Number Helpline for Accessibility

For people who need additional assistance, there are various accessibility options available. Subtitles, audio descriptions, TiVo access features, and signed programmes are readily available for virgin Media customers with hearing and visual impairments. For customers who need service assistance via textphone, dial 18001 0345 454 1111.

Join Virgin Media TV

If you would like to avail of any of the Virgin Media TV packages, call 0800 064 3839. You may also request for a call back or book a home visit by completing the home visit form. All you need to do is provide your personal information, address, and contact details.