What is Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline Number?

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Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline Number:
07973 100 150

Save this number mate, do it, then you will be able to call to Orange next time without looking for the number! 

Orange Opening Hours

 Sunday: 8.00-20.00. Monday: 8.00-22.00. Tuesday: 8.00-22.00. Wednesday: 8.00-22.00. Thursday: 8.00-22.00. Friday: 8.00-22.00. Saturday: 8.00-20.00

 Overview of Orange Services

Orange is under the EE company after its merger with T-Mobile. The merger is aiming to provide the best service to customers, as well as the best network available in the UK. Existing Orange customers could still use their Orange pay as you go and pay monthly accounts. However, those who wish to upgrade or avail of the new offers provided by EE would need to upgrade to an EE account and still be able to keep their number. You may call Orange contact number helpline 0800 956 6000 for assistance in moving your number.

Helpful Orange Text Codes

Orange pay monthly and pay as you go customers may text specific codes to 150 using their Orange mobile to get various information. These are handy as you can quickly get the data that you need with just a text. If you wish to check your current balance, type in BA and send to the said number. Get the updates on the latest upgrades and extras offered by Orang using the code BUNDLES. Determine your current usage that hasn’t been billed yet by texting USAGE. See if you’re eligible for an upgrade by texting UP. Find out about your recent payments and invoices by using the code BILL. Text HELP if you wish to get the list of the other services offered by Orange.

Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline Alternatives

Orange has a customer service team on standby ready to help you with your various concerns and questions.

Call Using Your Orange Mobile:

The number to dial for pay as you go users is 450 and the rate is 25p for every call. Small businesses may dial 345, while EE TV, SIM only, home and mobile broadband and pay monthly customers may dial 150 during standard operating hours without a cost. Calling outside the business hours would cost 50p for each call.

Call Using an EE Landline:

If you’re a small business client, dial Orange contact number helpline at 07973 100 345, which will cost you 15p for every call, plus up to 12.7p for the additional minutes of the call. Mobile broadband customers may call 0845 412 3662 with a rate of 7p for every minute, plus 44p per minute for EE’s access charge. Pay as you go users may dial 07973 100 450, while EE TV and home broadband clients may contact 0800 079 8586. If you’re a SIM only or pay monthly user, you may dial Orange customer contact number helpline at 07973 100 150.

Call Using Another Landline or Mobile Network from Another Country:

If you’re abroad, you may still reach Orange support by dialing the correct Orange customer contact number helpline based on your account type. Small businesses may reach them at +44 (0) 7973 100 345, while EE TV and home broadband users may dial +44 (0) 207 362 0200. Dial +44 (0) 7973 100 450 if you’re on pay as you go or +44 (0) 7973 100 150 if you’re a SIM only or pay monthly user.

Other Options to Get Help Aside from Calling Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline

Aside from calling Orange customer contact number there are other alternatives on how you can get the information you need or connect with an Orange expert. You may use the Self Help page to try to solve the concern yourself. You may also visit any EE store near you for help with your Orange concerns. Use the Store Finder to find the nearest store in your area. To get help from EE/Orang experts and from fellow customers, you may join the EE Community.


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