What is O2 Contact Number Helpline?

O2 Contact Number Helpline is:
0344 8090202

Save this number and call for assistance

O2 Opening Hours

Sunday: 8:00-18:00. Monday 08:00-21:00. Tuesday: 8:00-21:00. Wednesday: 8:00-21:00. Thursday: 8:00-21:00. Friday: 8:00-21:00. Saturday: 08:00-20:00

Different Numbers to Reach O2 Contact Number Helpline

There are different numbers to call in order to reach O2 Contact Number Helpline depending on which department you would want to reach. For the Pay Monthly users, you may dial 202 if you are calling from an O2 mobile. If not, then you can call 0344 8090202 instead.

For Pay as you Go subscribers, it would be best to dial 4445 with your O2 mobile and 03448090222 if you’re calling from another mobile. Business sim subscribers can also express their concerns about their purchases straight to the customer helpline by dialing 8002 on your O2 mobile, or 0800 977 7337 on your landline.

If you have concerns with your Home Broadband subscriptions, feel free to voice them out. Make sure that you know which kind of sim you are using, for you to call the most appropriate helpline. If you’re using Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband, call 0344 809 0202. For Pay & Go Mobile Broadband subscribers, you may dial 0344 809 0222 and for Business Mobile Broadband, you can call 0800 977 7337.

Those who are outside the UK may still reach O2 Contact Number Helpline by calling +44 3448090202, for Pay Monthly problems, +44 7860 980 202 for Pay As you Go concerns, and +44 844 809 0200 for the Business Customer Service.

Other ways aside from the contacting the O2 Contact Number Helpline

Aside from calling O2 Contact Number Helpline provided above, there are other ways on how to send your queries and your complaints. Their Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/o2uk  and their Twitter profile https://twitter.com/o2 are always on standby so you can send a private message or a tweet through there. If you aren’t able to hear from them, you may send a letter to their corporate address:

Telefónica UK Limited

Correspondence Department

PO Box 202

Houghton Regis


About O2

Founded back in 2001, O2 ranks as one of the UKs premier mobile providers and is currently famous for its top-notch services in messaging and data connection that can be readily accessed through calling the O2 Contact number helpline. O2 currently has more than 20 million subscribers and they aim to provide a systematic way of addressing their customer’s needs.

Services Offered by O2

Leveling up UKs communication is O2’s top priority, and with that they aim to provide the best bundles for your data, and messaging needs. Today, O2 offers two kinds of basic Sims. One is the Pay Monthly Plan where you get to choose which bundles you will go with in 1 to 12 months and the other is the Pay As You Go Plan where you can pick the offer that you want to use every 30 days. You also have the option to couple these plans with your favorite gadget like the iPad, tablets or mobile phones. You can choose from their long list of phone and tablet brands.

They also offer Business Sims and International Sims that both fit the needs of large companies both local and international.  For subscribers who want to avail of a flexible and fast home broadband connection, you can also inquire from O2 for their latest data packages. If you have any questions or concerns about the O2 products, you can phone the O2 Contact Number Helpline during their business hours.


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