What is Flybe Customer Service Number?

Flybe Customer Service
0371 700 2000

Call this phone number and ask for assistance

Flybe Opening Hours

Sunday: 10.00-18.00. Monday: 8.00-18.30. Tuesday: 8.00-18.30. Wednesday: 8.00-18.30. Thursday: 8.00-18.30. Friday: 8.00-18.30. Saturday: 8.00-16.00

Overview of Flybe

Established in 1979, Flybe is today’s largest independent regional airline company in Europe. They are well-known for operating the most UK domestic flights, flying millions of passengers every year on more than 200 routes, from more than 60 destinations in different countries. Over the past few years, the airline has made a multi-billion dollar investment in new aircraft to modernise their operations and have the latest fleets in the industry. From their contemporary equipment to the very helpful and accommodating Flybe customer service team, you can be confident to have a safe and convenient travel with this award-winning company.

Flybe Flights and Extras

Flybe offers fast and affordable flights along with a range of travel extras to cater to travellers needs. These extras include a huge selection of delicious in-flight meals, and advance standard and extra legroom seat selection. The company also offers Flybe credit card and travel insurance to their customers. If you are a Flybe credit cardholder, you can earn bonus return flights every time you are able to spend the required amount on the card. With this credit card, you are also entitled to exclusive offers and discounts.

Flybe travel insurance is available for both single trip and annual multi trip. Once you purchase this kind of insurance policy, you will be covered for trip cancellation or emergency medical expenses abroad. Get in touch with Flybe customer service team for further questions about their travel extras and insurance policy.

Flybe Customer Service Numbers

Call 0371 700 2000 if you have general enquiries or would like to book a flight. If you are calling from abroad, dial +44 207 308 0812. For passengers who need assistance during their travel, the Flybe customer service number is 0207 308 0812.

If you are experiencing technical issues with online bookings or Flybe website, you can ask for help by calling 0330 123 0281. Outside the UK, dial +44 207 308 0815. For air discount scheme, call 0844 800 2855.

For queries about ticket refunds on unused flights, dial 0371 700 4455. If you are calling from outside the UK, call +44 207 308 0841. For those travelling in a group of 9 or more, you can enquire by calling 0371 700 2223. If calling from abroad, the number to dial is +44 1392 266 724. If you have a complaint about your flight, call 0371 700 5000.

To make a claim on your travel insurance, call 0845 603 9892. If you’re calling about medical assistance, dial 0127 340 0610. For your cargo enquiries, you can reach the Air Logistics Group by calling 0133 281 9204. If you need to call Flybe customer service  prior to your travel, dial 0207 954 7898. Those who have media enquiries can call 0845 675 0681.

Flybe Customer Service Addresses

If you’d prefer to submit your queries by post, you can send it to Flybe customer service address:


Customer Contact Centre

PO BOX 795




For enquiries about group flights, write to:

Flybe Groups Department

New Walker Hangar

Exeter International Airport

Clyst Honiton




United Kingdom


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