What is BT Contact Number Helpline?

BT (British Telecom) Contact Number Helpline is
0800 800 150

Get quick answers through the 24/7 contact number helpline

British Telecom Opening Hours

Sunday: 09.00-18.00. Monday: 08.00-20.00. Tuesday: 08.00-20.00. Wednesday: 08.00-20.00. Thursday: 08.00-20.00. Friday: 08.00-20.00. Saturday: 09.00-18.00

About British Telecom

British Telecom is committed to keep the Earth connected. That is why it has strengthened its communication highways significantly to provide better connections towards a better world. British Telecom is a telecommunications pioneer in the United Kingdom, empowering individuals and businesses alike with top-of-the-line technologies that facilitate landline and mobile services as well as broadband and TV packages. Since it acquired EE, it became UK’s largest telecoms network, operating in 170 countries or more. It’s a valuable partner not just for individual users but also for private companies, government industries, and the public sector, and it is supported by British Telecom Contact Number Helpline.

Services Offered by British Telecom

Millions of customers are enjoying the BT magic at home and at the corporate setting. Its broadband services provide the most powerful WiFi signal, which will put you on the loop of the happenings in the virtual arena. It offers packages cut out for specific needs and requirements. The Unlimited Broadband Bundle, the Unlimited Infinity 1, and the Unlimited Infinity 2 are power packed. They may have different speeds, cloud storage capacity, or online security levels but they are all amazing in their own terms. For the most part, the Unlimited Broadband Bundle, which comes with a BT Home Hub 4 is ideal for home use while the other two packages are apt for offices and big corporations. All broadband packages come with inclusive landline calls.

Different British Telecom Contact Numbers Helpline

There are different British Telecom contact numbers helpline depending on your support needs. 0800 800150 is meant for general enquiries. If you need sales assistance, whether as a new customer or an old one intent on an upgrade, you may also call 0800 100 400 and 0179 359 6931. For billing concerns and extensive account support, please dial 0800 443 311 or 0330 123 3311. For cancellations of subscriptions, the additional helpline is 0800 345 7310. If you are moving home and you need assistance to move your services to another location, you may call 0800 100 400 or 0179 359 6931. Refer to those numbers as well if you intend to switch to British Telecoms from your current service provider. For technical support, you may also call these British Telecom Contact Numbers Helpline: 0800 800 151, 0330 123 4151, 0800 111 4567, 0330 123 4567, 0179 359 6931, 0800 500 3114, and 0800 011 3845. Complaints, meanwhile, may be coursed through telephone numbers 0800 800 150.

Different Ways to Reach British Telecom

If British Telecom Contact Number Helpline phone support is not applicable, you may also resort to other means of reaching out to the BT Customer Support team.

For one, you may connect through a live chat component. Depending on your issues, an appropriate team will be assigned to attend to you. Simply select which topic covers your concern after going to this webpage: bt.custhelp.com/app/chat/contact_chat/.

For another, you may check the BT help page to get online answers to your queries. If you think your concern makes speaking to a customer care representative necessary, call any of the British Telecom contact number helpline mentioned above.


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