What is Boost Mobile Phone Number?

Boost Mobile Phone Number is:

Save this number under “Boost Mobile Phone Number”.

Boost Mobile Opening Hours

Sunday: 4:00-19:00. Monday: 4:00-20:00. Tuesday: 4:00-20:00. Wednesday: 4:00-20:00. Thursday: 4:00-20:00. Friday: 4:00-20:00. Saturday: 4:00-19:00.

About Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a company founded in Australia and you can easily reach them through the Boost Mobile Phone number. They take pride of the non-binding plans that they offer. Boost Mobile customers can choose to terminate their monthly subscription anytime they like. But, for loyal customers, they offer Shrinkage, a discount received by customers after staying with Boost Mobile for more than 6 months. They also offer unlimited packages for a flat fee. Text messages, Call packages and Data Allowance are covered by unlimited package.

Boost Mobile Products and Services Offered Today

Smartphones, Accessories, Wifi Hotspots and sim packs are Boost Mobile’s basic products. They can be purchased through their online shop. Right now they offer about 45 different phone models, like the Samsung Galaxy series. For the accessories, you can check out the different hand phones they have because most of their accessories are sold here too. For the WiFi hotspot, and the sim pack you can buy them as part of the bundled plans.

They also offer a wide array of plans namely, monthly plan, family plan, daily plan, and WiFi Hotspot plan. For the monthly plan, they have 3 different offers that are based on the data allowance provided.

If you have a family and you want to effectively manage your expenses with data connection and communication expenses, go for the family plan. You can add up to four people from your basic plan and you can also purchase data add-ons should you need one.

The daily plans on the other hand are bundled with either a smart phone or a basic phone so you should choose between these two for you avail this plan. They also offer additional services such as International calls, data packs, phone insurance and apps.

Numbers You Can Use Aside from Boost Mobile Phone Number

There are different Boost Mobile phone numbers that you can call for specific concerns. For now, the numbers are only limited to Boost Mobile users. For changing your pin, dial 611. If you forgot your pin and you need to make a payment, dial #233. If you have issues on the product you have received, you can call the Boost Mobile phone number 1-866-402-7366 for Returns, and general support.  For complaints and other issues, you can phone the Boost Mobile phone number for customer service, which is 888-266-7848.

Other ways to reach out aside from calling the Boost Mobile phone number

There would be times when your calls to the Boost Mobile phone number won’t go through due to the number of callers, but you don’t need to worry if that happens because you can still voice out you concerns by filling out the contact form in the website.

For faster transaction, you may send a private message through their Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/boostmobile or send them a tweet at https://twitter.com/boostmobile. You can also send a message in the Google+ account at  https://plus.google.com/+boostmobile.


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