What is Boost Mobile Customer Service Number?

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Boost Mobile Customer Service Number is:

Help for Boost Mobile customers is just a phone call away.

 Boost Mobile Opening Hours

 Sunday: 4:00-19:00. Monday: 4:00-20:00. Tuesday: 4:00-20:00. Wednesday: 4:00-20:00. Thursday: 4:00-20:00. Friday: 4:00-20:00. Saturday: 4:00-19:00.

About Boost Mobile

In recent years, cell phone technology has evolved at an amazing rate. Trends, not just in devices but also in connectivity, became fast paced that people who would want to keep up need to continuously chase updates. Boost Mobile is one company that makes going after the latest in wireless communication technology much simpler with its line-up of products and services. It is widely used by various mobile phone operators both in America and Australia. It also has international services, which is the reason it has reached the UK shores.

Boost Mobile started its operations in 2000 in Australia and New Zealand. Its founder, Peter Adderton, used Optus network to provide services for the Boost Mobile brand until 2013, when Telstra became its host. The company was brought to the United States in 2001 through a joint venture Nextel Communications, which was acquired by Sprint Corporation five years later. That’s why today, Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint and maintains headquarters in Irvine, California

Getting in Touch through Boost Mobile Customer Service

Although Boost Mobile’s marketing is focused on the US and Australia, it is also quite popular among UK residents. That is why the company maintains one active number that will receive issues and concerns from the country. You can ring the Boost Mobile Customer Service number (0844 306 9172) within the company’s standard operating hours. The hotline for general support in America is 1-866-402-7366, open for calls from 4am to 8pm PST during weekdays and 4am to 7pm PST during weekends.

Why Call Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Customer Service is your lifeline to making sure that issues and concerns about using the products and services of the company are addressed properly. It cannot be avoided for problems to arise when using wireless plans. In the same way, you need assistance for just about everything else that concerns your contract with the company, including:

  • Account management
  • Coverage map inspection
  • Payment concerns
  • Phone insurance
  • SIM activation
  • Recharging your package
  • Inquiring about roaming services and monthly plans
  • Checking availability of add-ons and extras for better connectivity

The Boost Mobile Customer Service Experience

Boost Mobile takes pride of its commitment to its customers, making sure that they receive a quality of service they deserve. As a proof, several means of staying connected with the Boost Mobile Customer Service are widely available. Apart from calling the UK-based helpline and the US-based General Support hotline, you may also submit your inquiries, comments, suggestions, concerns, and recommendations via the company’s Contact Us page. A form will be waiting for you there. Simply fill out the necessary information and the response will be sent to your email address as soon as available.

Boost Mobile is also strongly against child pornography. For such and similar concerns, you may follow this link: https://www.sprint.net/index.php?p=support_ce_request and it will be addressed immediately.

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