T-Mobile Contact Number and Helpline is:
0800 956 6000

Call this number for customer assistance

T-Mobile Opening Hours

Sunday: 8:00-20:00. Monday 08:00-22:00. Tuesday: 8:00-22:00. Wednesday: 8:00-22:00. Thursday: 8:00-22:00. Friday: 8:00-22:00. Saturday: 08:00-20:00

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile was introduced as Mercury One2One by its owner, Deutsch Telekom back in 1999, and it has merged with Orange UK in 2009. They offer affordable messaging and data promos for your preferred mobile phone. Today, it is under the management of EE, and they form the UK’s largest company of network provider. EE has 560 scattered all around the UK and you can ask about the T-Mobile products and services there. More.

Hand Phones and Services Offered by T-Mobile

T-Mobile and Orange products and services can be bought directly from EE’s stores all around the UK. They can also be purchased through the EE’s website. Among the products offered by T-Mobile are its boosters, bundles, mobile broadband and plans.

T-Mobile Boosters are the add-on services that you can use on top of your existing subscription. There are boosters for Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go. If you need more text allowance, you can subscribe to the text bundles that they have. For Pay Monthly users, they can choose from the 90-day text bundle of 200, 500 or 1,000 texts while for the Pay As You Go bundles, users can choose from 50-1,000 text packages. If you would like to avail of their mobile broadband and plans you can choose from either the Pay Monthly or the Pay As You Go and they have very flexible terms for each of them.

Different Ways to Reach the T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline

Reaching the T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline, 0845 412 5000, can be done in many ways. If you’re calling from your T-Mobile phone, you can dial 150*. A voice prompt will tell you to dial 1 for payment of bills, 2, for registering to a new promo for your Pay as You Go account and 3 to know your maintaining balance and allowance.

If you are interested with one of their products, you can purchase them through phone by calling the T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline for personal customers, 0800 956 2208 or if you are looking for communication solutions for your business, call the T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline for business 0845 412 3040.

Other Ways Aside from Contacting T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline

T-Mobile has expanded its customer support services by utilizing different platforms, so if you can’t reach them through the T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline, 0845 412 5000 you can send them your concerns through other ways.

You can drop by any of the stores of EE around the UK and ask specifically about the T-Mobile. They will assist you with your concerns regarding your device and the messaging and data package bundles that you availed.

For social media, they currently use Twitter to address some of the issues of the customers. If you want to reach them there too, you can send them a tweet by following their official Twitter account for the support team @TmobileUKhelp .

If you want to do it the old way, you can mail them your letter at:

EE Mobile

EE Customer Services

6 Camberwell Way


Tyne and Wear


United Kingdom

EE Broadband


6 Camberwell Way Doxford Technology Park Doxford Sunderland Tyne And Wear SR3 3XN


Boost Mobile Customer Service Number is:

Help for Boost Mobile customers is just a phone call away.

 Boost Mobile Opening Hours

 Sunday: 4:00-19:00. Monday: 4:00-20:00. Tuesday: 4:00-20:00. Wednesday: 4:00-20:00. Thursday: 4:00-20:00. Friday: 4:00-20:00. Saturday: 4:00-19:00.

About Boost Mobile

In recent years, cell phone technology has evolved at an amazing rate. Trends, not just in devices but also in connectivity, became fast paced that people who would want to keep up need to continuously chase updates. Boost Mobile is one company that makes going after the latest in wireless communication technology much simpler with its line-up of products and services. It is widely used by various mobile phone operators both in America and Australia. It also has international services, which is the reason it has reached the UK shores.

Boost Mobile started its operations in 2000 in Australia and New Zealand. Its founder, Peter Adderton, used Optus network to provide services for the Boost Mobile brand until 2013, when Telstra became its host. The company was brought to the United States in 2001 through a joint venture Nextel Communications, which was acquired by Sprint Corporation five years later. That’s why today, Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint and maintains headquarters in Irvine, California

Getting in Touch through Boost Mobile Customer Service

Although Boost Mobile’s marketing is focused on the US and Australia, it is also quite popular among UK residents. That is why the company maintains one active number that will receive issues and concerns from the country. You can ring the Boost Mobile Customer Service number (0844 306 9172) within the company’s standard operating hours. The hotline for general support in America is 1-866-402-7366, open for calls from 4am to 8pm PST during weekdays and 4am to 7pm PST during weekends.

Why Call Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Customer Service is your lifeline to making sure that issues and concerns about using the products and services of the company are addressed properly. It cannot be avoided for problems to arise when using wireless plans. In the same way, you need assistance for just about everything else that concerns your contract with the company, including:

  • Account management
  • Coverage map inspection
  • Payment concerns
  • Phone insurance
  • SIM activation
  • Recharging your package
  • Inquiring about roaming services and monthly plans
  • Checking availability of add-ons and extras for better connectivity

The Boost Mobile Customer Service Experience

Boost Mobile takes pride of its commitment to its customers, making sure that they receive a quality of service they deserve. As a proof, several means of staying connected with the Boost Mobile Customer Service are widely available. Apart from calling the UK-based helpline and the US-based General Support hotline, you may also submit your inquiries, comments, suggestions, concerns, and recommendations via the company’s Contact Us page. A form will be waiting for you there. Simply fill out the necessary information and the response will be sent to your email address as soon as available.

Boost Mobile is also strongly against child pornography. For such and similar concerns, you may follow this link: https://www.sprint.net/index.php?p=support_ce_request and it will be addressed immediately.

Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline Number:
07973 100 150

Save this number mate, do it, then you will be able to call to Orange next time without looking for the number! 

Orange Opening Hours

 Sunday: 8.00-20.00. Monday: 8.00-22.00. Tuesday: 8.00-22.00. Wednesday: 8.00-22.00. Thursday: 8.00-22.00. Friday: 8.00-22.00. Saturday: 8.00-20.00

 Overview of Orange Services

Orange is under the EE company after its merger with T-Mobile. The merger is aiming to provide the best service to customers, as well as the best network available in the UK. Existing Orange customers could still use their Orange pay as you go and pay monthly accounts. However, those who wish to upgrade or avail of the new offers provided by EE would need to upgrade to an EE account and still be able to keep their number. You may call Orange contact number helpline 0800 956 6000 for assistance in moving your number.

Helpful Orange Text Codes

Orange pay monthly and pay as you go customers may text specific codes to 150 using their Orange mobile to get various information. These are handy as you can quickly get the data that you need with just a text. If you wish to check your current balance, type in BA and send to the said number. Get the updates on the latest upgrades and extras offered by Orang using the code BUNDLES. Determine your current usage that hasn’t been billed yet by texting USAGE. See if you’re eligible for an upgrade by texting UP. Find out about your recent payments and invoices by using the code BILL. Text HELP if you wish to get the list of the other services offered by Orange.

Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline Alternatives

Orange has a customer service team on standby ready to help you with your various concerns and questions.

Call Using Your Orange Mobile:

The number to dial for pay as you go users is 450 and the rate is 25p for every call. Small businesses may dial 345, while EE TV, SIM only, home and mobile broadband and pay monthly customers may dial 150 during standard operating hours without a cost. Calling outside the business hours would cost 50p for each call.

Call Using an EE Landline:

If you’re a small business client, dial Orange contact number helpline at 07973 100 345, which will cost you 15p for every call, plus up to 12.7p for the additional minutes of the call. Mobile broadband customers may call 0845 412 3662 with a rate of 7p for every minute, plus 44p per minute for EE’s access charge. Pay as you go users may dial 07973 100 450, while EE TV and home broadband clients may contact 0800 079 8586. If you’re a SIM only or pay monthly user, you may dial Orange customer contact number helpline at 07973 100 150.

Call Using Another Landline or Mobile Network from Another Country:

If you’re abroad, you may still reach Orange support by dialing the correct Orange customer contact number helpline based on your account type. Small businesses may reach them at +44 (0) 7973 100 345, while EE TV and home broadband users may dial +44 (0) 207 362 0200. Dial +44 (0) 7973 100 450 if you’re on pay as you go or +44 (0) 7973 100 150 if you’re a SIM only or pay monthly user.

Other Options to Get Help Aside from Calling Orange Customer Contact Number Helpline

Aside from calling Orange customer contact number there are other alternatives on how you can get the information you need or connect with an Orange expert. You may use the Self Help page to try to solve the concern yourself. You may also visit any EE store near you for help with your Orange concerns. Use the Store Finder to find the nearest store in your area. To get help from EE/Orang experts and from fellow customers, you may join the EE Community.


Orange Phone Number is:
07973 100 150

Save this number under “Orange phone number” and call for assistance

 Orange Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-20.00. Monday: 8.00-22.00. Tuesday: 8.00-22.00. Wednesday: 8.00-22.00. Thursday: 8.00-22.00. Friday: 8.00-22.00. Saturday: 8.00-20.00

Overview of Orange Help

Orange offers various methods of providing assistance to their customers so you have different options to get help. One way is by calling the best Orange phone number available for you. There are various phone numbers to call depending on the type of account that you have like pay as you go, pay monthly, business, home broadband and EE TV.
Aside from calling them, they also have a community that you can join in order to connect with fellow users and EE/Orange experts. You may ask or answer questions in this area. There’s also the help area, where you can find answers to the commonly asked questions about Orange accounts and services.

Services Provided by Orange

Orange generally provides mobile network service for personal and business use. They also provide broadband and TV services under the EE brand. Mobile services include pay as you go and pay monthly plans. When using the Orange service, you would see an EE icon or logo on your device as Orange network is serviced by EE.

Switching Your Orange Phone Number

Orange customers who wish to upgrade their service would need to convert to an EE account. You may keep your Orange phone number if you want. Make sure to back-up your contacts as you will be given a new EE SIM, while still keeping your Orange number. You could do the switch by calling 0800 956 6000. You may also do this by going to an EE store or by signing in to your Orange account online.

Orange Phone Number to Call for Assistance

Orange has different phone numbers that you may call depending on the phone you are using, as well as your account type. Those who are using an EE landline to call and are small business clients may contact 07973 100 345, while EE TV and home broadband users may dial 0800 079 8586. If you’re a mobile broadband customer, call 0845 412 3662; dial 07973 100 450 for pay as you go and Orange phone number 07973 100 150 for SIM only and pay monthly accounts.
If you’re using an Orange mobile to call, dial 150 to reach customer service if you’re a home broadband, mobile broadband, EE TV, pay monthly or SIM only user. Dial 345 if you’re a small business customer or 450 for pay as you go.
SIM only and pay monthly users calling from another country may reach customer support by dialing Orange phone number +44 (0) 7973 100 345. Dial +44 (0) 207 362 0200 if you’re an EE TV or home broadband customer, +44 (0) 7973 100 450 for pay as you go and +44 (0) 7973 100 150 for SIM only and pay monthly users.
Customers with hearing or speech problems may dial 18001 followed by 07973 100 450 for pay as you go and 07973 100 150 for pay monthly.


O2 Customer Service Number is:
0344 8090202

Save this O2 number and call for Help

 O2 Opening Hours

Sunday: 8.00-18.00. Monday: 8.00-21.00. Tuesday: 8.00-21.00. Wednesday: 8.00-21.00. Thursday: 8.00-21.00. Friday: 8.00-21.00. Saturday: 8.00-20.00

O2 Overview

O2 is the commercial name of Telefónica UK Limited. Ofcom named it as the company that has the highest rate of customer satisfaction in the digital communications agency field. It offers WiFi, 2G, 3G and 4G network to its more than 23 million users. It currently has over 450 retail stores around the UK and serves pay & go, pay monthly, business and broadband customers. They used to sell travel insurance, but this is no longer offered, although they still serve existing clients. You can expect to get the best assistance when you reach O2 customer service with their high customer satisfaction rating,

Contact O2 Customer Service

The company is dedicated in providing the best O2 customer service experience possible to all of their clients. If you have any questions or concerns with your O2 account or services, don’t hesitate to call their support team. There’s a specific number to call depending on your account type.

Pay Monthly Support

If using an O2 mobile, you may dial the number 202 on your device to reach O2 customer service for free. In case you are calling from a landline, the number to call is 0344 8090202. Note that standard rate applies for this call. For those who are calling outside UK, dial +44 3448090202.

Pay & Go Support

To contact O2 customer service for your pay & go account, dial 4445 from your O2 mobile phone, which costs 25p for every call. If you’re calling from a landline, the number to call is 0344 8090222, while it’s +44 7860 980 202 if calling from another country. Standard and international rate applies respectively. If you wish top up or add credits to your account, dial 4444 from your mobile device or 0345 6062277 from a landline.

Business Support

The O2 customer service number to call for those who are dialing from their O2 mobile is 8002. Those who are calling from a landline may dial 0800 977 7337, while those who are dialing from another country may reach +44 844 809 0200.

Broadband Support

Broadband customers who are also O2 mobile users may dial the same number provided for the pay monthly, pay & go and business customer service. Non-O2 mobile users may call 0800 977 7337 for business mobile broadband, 0344 809 0222 for pay & go mobile broadband, and 0344 809 0202 for pay monthly mobile broadband users.

Other Ways to Contact O2 Customer Service

Aside from calling the appropriate O2 customer service number, there are also other ways on how to get assistance from O2 with any of your questions or issues. You may reach them via live chat by going to this link. Click start a live chat to connect with a representative. You may also send them a letter and send it to the address below:
Telefónica UK Limited
Correspondence Department PO Box 202 Houghton Regis LU6 9AG

O2 Accessibility

O2 wants their service to be available to everyone, including those with disabilities. For those who have questions about O2 accessibility, you may dial O2 customer service number 0344 847 1426 if you’re a pay monthly user or 0345 600 4302 if you have a pay & go account.